The undersigned, being the duly appointed election inspectors for the Town of Austerlitz, hereby affirm and certify the following:

1) That a referendum of qualified electors of the Town of Austerlitz took place at a special election held on May 25, 2021, at which the undersigned were present;
2) That the polling place, the Town of Austerlitz Town Hall, was continuously open and accessible for ballots to be cast from noon of that day until 7:00 pm;
3) That at the close of the polls, the undersigned proceeded to canvass the votes thereat, including absentee ballots received prior to the close of the polls; and did complete such canvass without adjournment;
4) That the only proposition on the ballot was “Shall Local Law No. 1 of 2021 of the Town of Austerlitz, which provides that the elective office of the Town Superintendent of Highways be abolished and the duties and responsibilities of the elective Office of Superintendent of Highways be transferred and vested in a newly-created appointive Office of Superintendent of Highways which is appointed by the Town Board, be approved?”;
5) That on the aforesaid proposition the total number of votes cast were 201,
6) That the number of votes cast for approval of said proposition (yes votes) was 76 and the number of votes cast against said proposition (no votes) was 125; and
7) attached hereto is the voter roll showing the names and address of every person voting at said election upon said proposition.

Dated: May 26, 2021

Patricia Madsen, Election Inspector                Erlyn Madonia, Election Inspector

Bridget Arnold, Election Inspector                   Janina Deppe, Election Inspector