Question: If I don’t have a permit, does that mean I cannot dispose of my recyclable material?
Answer: As of January 1, 2019, Columbia County will require a permit to dispose of recyclable material. The permit is an annual fee and will cover the cost of handling/processing the material. If you are only a “one time” user (on vacation, visiting, etc) the attendant will charge you a fee.

Question: How long is the permit good for?
Answer: The permits are good for one year and will be dated. Each household will receive two permits to be displayed on their vehicles for easy viewing from our station attendants.

Question: How much are the permits?
Answer: Permits are $50.00 per County household, $35.00 for senior citizens over 65 & $100 for out of county residents.

Question: What can I show for proof of residency?
Answer: A tax bill, sewer/water bill, electric bill or any other form of identification that Shows proof of property ownership in Columbia County.

Question: What can I recycle?
Answer: Please refer to the Recycling Protocol that is posted at all the waste stations or check out the County’s website at, Solid Waste department or ask a station attendant for a copy.

Question: Where can I purchase the permits?
Answer: All Columbia County Solid Waste Stations will be selling the permits as will most of the municipal clerks. Please check the County website for updates.

Question: I have curbside recycling pick up, do I need a permit?
Answer: No, this will only affect residents utilizing the County operated stations.

Question: I have a commercial business, what are my options?
Answer: You can choose to bring the material to the Greenport Transfer Station or contract with a private waste hauler. Please contact the Administrative Office as to pricing.