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The  town’s  Comprehensive Plan,  was  formulated from the thoughts, ideas and values of the residents; The Plan describes where they live,  historical roots, the topography,  architecture, occupations,  government, social life and a vision for its continued growth . The plan is key in the work of the Town Board and established committees.

The governing body of the town seeks to insure that the health, welfare and safety of its citizens is faithfully carried out, according to that plan, in a way that balances the good of the whole community with the rights of the individual.

Laws required, based on circumstances of changing times, are enacted in keeping with the

Comprehensive Plan; Example, The introduction of cell towers,  or of solar heating,  require that  the service they bring does not change in a major way the scenic views, maintenance of  undeveloped open land and natural beauty of this small rural town.

The Planning Board, for instance, does their work on sub-divisions , cognizant of  environmental impacts and  the established goals of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan requires that it be reviewed and updated periodically so as to adapt to growth in a balanced way.   That need was met by the town government in establishing a Comprehensive Plan Committee.  The committee oversees the implementation of the Comprehensive plan, coordinates the work of various other established committees , seeks to elicit comments  and recommendations from the public,  engages in research , recommends policies, local laws, which are in keeping with the present plan.

In the recent past the Comprehensive Plan Committee reviewed  the proposed sign law for its value in communicating the desired message  and  fitting the towns  image; assisted the Town Board in assembling data on the speed limit in the Spencertown hamlet in response to  a citizens call for lower speed.  At present we are assessing  hamlet parking needs in response to calls from residents  for improvement .

Residents are invited to attend our meetings , to express their suggestions for improvements in the town .  Conversation can lead to some excellent exchanges of ideas and an ability to work together. In addition the visit can be a means to learn from the  Comprehensive Plan document  what goals are listed  concerning , protection of open space, environmental protection,  meeting needs of the aging, welcoming small scale enterprises, encouraging affordable housing,  protection of historic resources, road maintenance  and recreation services.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 7:00pm.

Comprehensive Plan Oversight Committee Members

Tim Stalker, Chair
Barbara Smith
Edwin Barden
Eric Spiegel