Compliments of

The Austerlitz Climate Smart Task Force & Davistudio in Spencertown

Pick one up at the Town Hall in the entrance vestibule

Monday-Friday 8:00-12:00 p.m.

Just help yourself!

For use in home composting:

1. Put food scraps* in a small container kept on the kitchen counter or freezer

2. Empty that container into this five-gallon bucket** that can be kept in your garage or outside your kitchen door (with lid tightly secured)

3. Empty the bucket into your outdoor compost pile***

*Food scraps include: fruits & vegetables, coffee grounds, tea & tea bags, egg shells **Pet hair, indoor plant trimmings, dead flower arrangements can be added to this or the pile outside. ***Into the compost pile can be added yard trimmings & leaves

See our Facebook page for more composting resources: AusterlitznyClimate Committee