PLEASE take notice that the Town of Austerlitz is seeking interested parties to serve in the following capacities:

1 Planning Board Member-5 year term
Comprehensive Plan Oversight Committee Members-1 year terms
1 Zoning Board of Appeals Member-5 year term

Please submit a letter of interest to Susan Haag, Town Clerk, PO Box 238, 812 Route 203, Spencertown, NY 12165, by December 31, 2018. Call 518-392-3260 Ext 300 with questions.

Susan Haag, Town Clerk
November 29, 2018

Question: If I don’t have a permit, does that mean I cannot dispose of my recyclable material?
Answer: As of January 1, 2019, Columbia County will require a permit to dispose of recyclable material. The permit is an annual fee and will cover the cost of handling/processing the material. If you are only a “one time” user (on vacation, visiting, etc) the attendant will charge you a fee.

Question: How long is the permit good for?
Answer: The permits are good for one year and will be dated. Each household will receive two permits to be displayed on their vehicles for easy viewing from our station attendants.

Question: How much are the permits?
Answer: Permits are $50.00 per County household, $35.00 for senior citizens over 65 & $100 for out of county residents.

Question: What can I show for proof of residency?
Answer: A tax bill, sewer/water bill, electric bill or any other form of identification that Shows proof of property ownership in Columbia County.

Question: What can I recycle?
Answer: Please refer to the Recycling Protocol that is posted at all the waste stations or check out the County’s website at, Solid Waste department or ask a station attendant for a copy.

Question: Where can I purchase the permits?
Answer: All Columbia County Solid Waste Stations will be selling the permits as will most of the municipal clerks. Please check the County website for updates.

Question: I have curbside recycling pick up, do I need a permit?
Answer: No, this will only affect residents utilizing the County operated stations.

Question: I have a commercial business, what are my options?
Answer: You can choose to bring the material to the Greenport Transfer Station or contract with a private waste hauler. Please contact the Administrative Office as to pricing.

Fidelis is having a special information session about there Medicare Dual Advantage Plans

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
9 AM – Noon
Chatham Town Hall
488 State Rt 295
Chatham, NY 12037

Deborah Roche 518-847-8936

The Columbia County KISS Program is once again available to seniors in every town in Columbia County.  The KISS Program, founded by Columbia County Clerk Holly Tanner, stands for Keeping the Identities of Seniors Safe.  It was designed to protect the identities of our seniors while assisting them in the shredding of their sensitive materials.  Seniors are encouraged to contact their local Town Hall for hours of operation and more information on the program. Justin Weaver, Columbia County Clerk’s Records Services Manager, is overseeing the program and can also be contacted with any questions at 518-822-0143.

Date: 12/3/18 – 12/14/18
Location: Austerlitz Town Hall

*Enhanced Star exemption

To receive the Enhanced Star exemption, you are now required to enroll in the Income verification program (IVP). You only need to enroll once and you will receive the exemption automatically, if eligible, each year thereafter.

In this first year (2019), your income will need to be verified by the assessor, but in subsequent years, it will be verified by the NYS Tax Department. This means you cannot miss the deadline for filing and you will no longer need to provide your income tax returns to the assessor. NYS will contact you directly if anything is required.

If you are already enrolled in the IVP program, you do not need to do anything. No forms or renewals are required. If you received the enhanced star last year, and are not enrolled in the IVP program, you will receive a renewal form and the IVP application in the mail from me.

If you are a new homeowner or first time STAR applicant, you must register for the STAR credit directly with the NYS Tax Department at STAR information and forms can be found or contact me.

*Senior Citizen exemption In the past, senior citizens, who qualified for the senior citizen exemption, were automatically granted the enhanced STAR exemption.

Due to changes in New York State law, beginning with applications for 2019, seniors must apply separately for both the senior citizen exemption and the enhanced STAR exemption. If you received the senior exemption last year, you will receive a renewal application along with the other required forms in the mail from me.


The deadline for filing all applications for all exemptions is March 1st.


You can obtain forms by contacting me, or you can download application forms for both the enhanced star and senior citizen exemptions from the NYS tax department at

Pamela Cook, Assessor

The Town of Austerlitz proudly announces the installation of a new electric vehicle charging station in the parking lot of the new town hall on State Route 203 in Spencertown, NY. The Charge Point Level 2 charging station is being funded by a generous grant from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Located just a few miles eastward from the Taconic State Parkway and a few miles westward from Route 22, the charging station is uniquely available to riders on both the parkway as well as I-90 and Route 22.

There is no fee for station usage at this time. The Town of Austerlitz Climate Smart Committee is responsible for obtaining the grant funds as well as other initiatives the town is taking to combat climate change at the local level. These initiatives include the potential installation of LED street lighting and education and awareness activities on how everyone can help reduce their carbon footprint. All are welcome to visit the new charging station. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all drivers with electric vehicles.


E-ZPass sold here!

As you may know, the NYS Thruway has converted to cashless tolling at the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo (Tappan Zee) and Grand Island bridges. Cashless tolling allows customers to travel and pay tolls without stopping by using either E-ZPass or getting billed by their license plate. E-ZPass is the most convenient and economical way to travel since you save money with every trip and don’t have to wait to be billed.

Please see the link below of the Governor’s recent announcement about plans for cashless tolling in the Lower Hudson Valley by the end of this year and along the entire Thruway by 2020.

E-ZPass available at the Town Hall.
Click here for more information

A quick overview regarding the town’s 2019 Reassessment Project.

A reassessment does not necessarily mean that your assessment or your taxes will increase. Furthermore, if your assessment does increase, it does not necessarily mean your taxes will increase. By law, a property’s assessment is supposed to reflect its market value. As market values increase or decrease and the assessments do not keep pace and reflect these changes, some property taxpayers could pay more than their fair share of taxes, while others may pay less than their fair share. Reassessments are intended to restore fairness within the community.

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2018 Budget

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2019 Budget

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