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Charter is making some exciting changes for their customers in the Austerlitz area. They are going “all digital” and adding 30 new high def channels. Begging on June 28, 2016, Charter will begin removing the analog format of every channel from there lineup and delivering only high-quality digital signals to each television outlet.

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On February 18, 2016 the Town Board passed Local Law 1-2016 expanding town property tax exemptions for qualifying veterans who have served in the United States Armed Services. The new exemptions match the county levels and those of most of the municipalities in Columbia County. The new exemption amounts on the assessed value of your property are:

  • For wartime service, the exemption amount is $24,000
  • For combat service, the exemption amount is an additional $16,000
  • For service connected disability, the exemption is up to $80,000
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May 5th & 6th,  325 Columbia St,  9am – 12pm
July 13th & 14th,  Philmont Area Senior Community Center,  1-4pm
August 10th & 11th,  325 Columbia St,  9am – 12pm
October 20th & 21st,  325 Columbia St,  9am – 12pm

For information please call 828-4258

AUSTERLITZ — Residents can look forward to a new Town Hall soon and they won’t have to travel much farther to get there.

The new building, formerly the Methodist Episcopal Church, was bought by the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation for the town this year. It sits next to the current Town Hall on Route 203.

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2016 Town Budget

2016 Town Budget

E-ZPass sold here!

E-ZPass now available at the Town Hall.
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