Austerlitz is a small, rural town along the Taconic Mountain Range. Residents enjoy rural character, scenic vista, abundant wildlife, low housing density, slow growth, historic structures and spirit of basic freedom and independence that has been present for generations.

Local Businesses

The Town of Austerlitz is expanding its website to include local businesses.  If you are a local business owner, and would like to be featured on our website, please send us the business name, contact name, address, phone, and email.  You may want to include a short description of business parameters and if available, a link to your business website.  Information can be submitted by clicking here.

At the Columbia County Economic Development committee meeting, the CCE staff provided a presentation regarding the CCE Community Horticulture program, Master Gardener Program, some information about Invasive Species, and of course, our work with Tick Identification and tick-borne Diseases.

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The New York State Department of Transportation has re-evaluated the speed limit in the Hamlet of Spencertown and concluded that a lower speed limit of 35 mph is appropriate. Click here to read more

Rumble Strips

The Department of Transportation has started the design phase on a safety enhancement project to install center line rumble strips within the Town of Austerlitz. Click here to read more.

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E-ZPass sold here!

E-ZPass now available at the Town Hall.
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