Wednesday, July 5 – Friday, August 11, 2017
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday – Friday
$100 per child for Town of Austerlitz residents
$300 per child for nonresidents
Going into kindergarten in fall up to age 14

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Dirt Roads

While most of us have enjoyed the January thaw, it, along with the recent moisture laden storms have taken a toll on our dirt roads.

Any attempt to repair the roads at this time would be futile and risk further damage to the roads as well as the town’s equipment. It is not possible to repair these roads until spring after things dry out and we can come in with the heavy equipment needed to do the work.

As a preventive measure, we ask that you schedule delivery of oil or propane after the roads refreeze and are frozen. This will help reduce the damage that heavy vehicles inflict. It is in everyone’s best interest to minimize heavy traffic on dirt roads this time of year so that if there is an emergency, Fire and Ambulance crews can respond without delay.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,
Robert Meehan
Highway Superintendent

We need your speed! As you may know, Governor Cuomo has launched a statewide initiative to bring high speed internet to rural New York State, with Columbia County identified as the #1 priority region. Internet service providers will rely on maps of existing conditions to determine which households will receive upgraded service. It is therefore critical that those maps are as accurate as possible.

To help ensure that every town in Columbia County has access to 21st century internet, several town broadband committees, county committees and citizen groups are seeking your input. Please take two minutes to complete this survey – even if you have answered similar surveys in the past. The data collected will be used to correct and update existing service maps for Columbia County.

Thank you for your input. We cannot do this work without you!

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On February 18, 2016 the Town Board passed Local Law 1-2016 expanding town property tax exemptions for qualifying veterans who have served in the United States Armed Services. The new exemptions match the county levels and those of most of the municipalities in Columbia County. The new exemption amounts on the assessed value of your property are:

  • For wartime service, the exemption amount is $24,000
  • For combat service, the exemption amount is an additional $16,000
  • For service connected disability, the exemption is up to $80,000
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2017 Town Budget

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